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Monday, February 20, 2012

A Time for Mourning

Last night, as I was walking home with a few of my neighbours, we received word that there was a death at the home just two doors down from me.  I had never met those neighbours, but my heart went out to them.... especially as I tucked into bed and heard the mourning wails.  Hours and hours of screaming and crying pierced the air, and all I could do was pray from my bed.

Today, on my way home from town I recognized some old friends from Zion church.  Apparently the woman who died was a step-mom to my acquaintance Esther.  I knew I could not just drive past, I had to pay my respects, so I parked the car and walked on to a crowded compound.  The woman who died was only 38.  She was strong and energetic and had just returned from a weekend in the village.  Just hours after returning to Soroti she fainted and died on route to the hospital.  Coming home from the village strong and going back on Wednesday - dead.... as many of the Ugandans would say.  Already, meals of rice, posho, and beans are being prepared for all those who come by to pay their respects to the family.  I went and sat with the old and sickly husband for a while, explaining that I was a neighbour and a friend to Esther. 

I can't do much, besides just be there and let them know that I care, but it was also refreshing to share that God loves them.  I never want to diminish the pain of death, but when others want confirmation that God has a plan and that we need to be ready at any moment, I can't help but speak up and share of God's amazing love.  I too have lost loved ones, and it hurts, but I am grateful when I know that person was a child of God.

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