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Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm Not Allowed to Tackle

Can I just say:  "I love my TEAM!"
It is so excited to serve in Soroti, Uganda, with a team of people that I love, cherish, and trust.  I appreciate our discussion and strategy times, I value our times together for worship, and I love it when we can get together just for fun.
This morning, we all decided to get together to play American football.  A challenge was sent out that we had to have in our individual work plan and budget for the NGO process before we could hit the dry field, so I worked hard last night, to complete the paperwork so that I could attempt to play with my team. 
Meeting on the field at 8 am, I wasn't even sure I would be able to really play.  I had a cold all week and was low in energy, but I sure did need and want the exercise.  I started throwing the ball around and doing some leg stretches and felt excited to join.  Football was never a sport I played much of as a kid... it's really a much bigger American thing... and I didn't know the rules... so I asked the guys to quickly fill me in. 
I was in my glory... my team had three guys and me.  The other team had two guys and three girls.  While playing, I often felt suffocated by two girls, but hey - I still ended up with some great catches and two touch downs.  I do know that when I was younger I used to play some football at the beach - but it was usually in the shallow waters, so I could tackle.  I really wanted to tackle, but instead I had to restrict myself to two-hand touches.  I had a blast.  Our team one 10-9... we were only counting the number of touchdowns.  And rumour has it - I was MVP!!  Wow!  Smiling right now!

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