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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rushing Reviews

Good morning world!
I am writing quickly to fill you in on my life before I head of to a more remote village for a few days.  I am going to teach a 4 day course on Evangelism and Children's Ministry, and I won't really have any communication with the outside world.  :)
 In the past few weeks I have been spending a fair amount of time putting together the curriculum for a course in Evanglism - taken from Evangelism Explosion, which I studied in college!!  This weekend I walked around the table 50 times, putting together booklets for the attendees.
 On Saturday I set aside some time in my day to help my neighbours move.  Their landlord was increasing the rent and didn't want to pay for electrical power, unless the rent was doubled, so the ladies moved out.  I am somewhat sad to see them go... I was just starting to get to know them and little Natasha - in the above photo, used to call out my name through the fence and climb over to visit me a lot.  They have only moved about 10 minutes away though, so I should be able to catch up with them occasionally.  Now I'm praying for good neighbours to move in!
Remind me to tell you more about the day I spent doing an art project with former child soldiers... I'm just waiting for some pictures to help describe the day.
But speaking of feet... last week I had a rough go... I ended up straining my ankle muscles playing football and was limping around for a bit.  I haven't sprained an ankle in a long time... and it reminded me that I'm not as young as I used to be.  This happened just a few days after having a cold and the flu.  I was thankful for team-mates who brought me dinner and prayed for my health.  Now I'm fine and back in action.... thankfully it was nothing major.
Well, I'm off to pack my bags.  I'll write more when I get back.  Ciao

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