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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

American Thanksgiving

Four years of college in Grand Rapids, MI
6 Thanksgiving feasts with the awesome Manning family in St. Louis, MO
Loads of friends across the country
A love for holidays....
All make me want to wish a few friends a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

I pray you will have a fun time feasting and fellowshipping, but also remembering to give thanks to the Creator of all life.

It never hurts to be grateful :) so here is my list for today:
  • a loving and supportive family
  • friends who care
  • a church that prays
  • the ability to travel and explore God's world
  • work
  • the changing seasons and fireplaces
  • hot showers
  • diversity in food
  • freedom and independence
  • God's Word
  • BUT most of all - FOR GOD - who continues to guide, direct, hold, comfort, and grant peace, patience, understanding, love, forgiveness, joy, and so much more.

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