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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Put on Pause

I wanted to send out a really creative blog tonight, but
1. The power went out yet again.
2. The battery on my laptop only lasts about 35 minutes.
3. The pictures I was trying to upload was coming across with funky lines and blue/green colours.
4. My cell phone keeps ringing... what else should people do in the dark but call a few friends.

I could tell you a few fun facts though:
1. My team-mates at least have a generator and are giving me some time to post this blog.
2. There are new vegetables in town.  I totally scored today at OM Supermarket.  Just this week a lady has begun to sell produce from Kenya.  Twice a week a bunch of us mzungus race to the store when we hear the truck has arrived... head lettuce, okra, eggplant, coconuts, green beans, leeks, green onions, spinach, broccoli, and more!!
3. My dog chases the rooster all around the yard like a Tom and Jerry episode.  The cock is getting very smart at darting into bushes and under cars just to buy a few seconds of time.  Too bad the rooster is going to be Monday's lunch.  Don't worry, I still have two cocks and seven hens to go.
4.  Yesturday I hit a bump on the road and the rear frame on my bike just fell apart.  Thankfully I was a hundred yards from a roadside bike mechanic.  I parked my bike under the mango tree, explained the problem to the repair man who had a tool box beside a shrub brush, and walked home with my fresh watermelon.  An hour later I walked back to pick up my "Hero" and the whole bill was about 35 cents. :)
5.  Hope you are having a great day!  Good night world.

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