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Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm not Lost

It is not unusual to hear a Ugandan friend say "You are lost!" if that person hasn't seen you in a while... sometimes even a matter of a few days means the world to them.  So yes, I guess I have disappeared for a while, but I am not lost.  :)  I have lots to talk about, but hopefully I can sum it up quickly for you.

A) Last Saturday I traveled down country (it took 7 hours) to Entebbe where I joined my whole team for an intense time of strategy (vision and mission) discussions, amazing worship, team dynamics and healthy conflict, and studied our personality ProScans.  It was really helpful to see how we need to related and understand eachother - whether facts or feelers, introverts or extroverts, etc.  Apparently I am an extrovert :) who often communicates in a "seller/persuasive" style.  I need to feel appreciated and don't like being left out, or it can be a demotivator.  Trust me, there is more depth to my personality than that, but it was a glimpse.
Sleeping at Garuga
Playful Monkeys
Team Beyond - with our UK and USA directors
The place we stayed at was called Garuga Beach Resort, and it was right on Lake Victoria.  I slept in a tent, along with my room-mates, Beckie and Jennifer.  The three of us had our own tent under a tree that had huge bird nests and small monkeys playing.  I fell asleep to the sound of the Lake crashing against the sandy shore.  So beautiful.  During breaks we could swim in a clean pool and two nights we built a fire down by the water.  The time away was a good combination of business and retreat.

B) Wednesday morning, I found myself loading back into the Tiesenga's van.  There was some tension in the air because we had heard rumours of riots in Kampala, but after a call to the Canadian Embassy, we decided to still go into Kampala to buy some much needed supplies - propane, bacon, pots, cheese, hotdogs, marshmellows, and cereal.  I wish I had bought molasses, cookie and muffin tins, wall tacks, and a spare tire.  It was a safe journey home, arriving at 8:30 pm.
This one is for you DAD!

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