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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Naked Evangelists

Yesterday I biked over to NACHU, a home to 22 orphans, run by my friends James and Norah.  The children were all excited when I biked in the gate, bringing two pumpkins with me for them to have for dinner.  (At the moment we've been collecting pumpkins and chickens from many of the friends who have returned to Soroti after spending the holidays in the village.)  I had been invited by Norah to join them for lunch - a simple meal of brown beans and rice, but I was grateful for the offer and company.

While the meal was being prepared, I took the time to have a long chat with Pius.  He is a young man who has such a heart for sharing God's Word and caring for God's people.  He also spends a lot of time caring for the many children that stay at Nachu. 

Already, a few weeks ago, Pius and I chatted about training children's leaders in a village where he has a lot of contacts.  He wants me to seriously consider going with him to the village to train the leaders and to do the Evangelism Explosion curriculum with the children.  Then a few days ago, Pius called to tell me that he'd had a dream and he wanted to share it with me.

He shared that in his dream he saw many children sitting outside the church, with nothing to do, no hope in their eyes.  The church leaders were all asleep on the benches inside the church, and there were a few evangelists standing at the front of the church with nothing on.  The naked evangelists were calling out for help, hoping that someone would come and help them put clothes on. 

That was the dream.  Pius said he spent much time praying about that dream, and he really feels that the children need to be a part of the church community.  He believes that the evangelists are willing, they just don't know how to clothe themselves with the full armour of God.  Pius said, "Karen, I know you are trained in evangelism.  Would you be willing to come and help train these leaders so the children can come to know Jesus?"

Wow, an open door for ministry.  I will definitely need help, because the language is Kumom, and I haven't studied even the greetings for that language, but I feel like this is one area where God is leading me.  We hope to begin in just a few weeks. 

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