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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dancing with the Sand

Another adventure into the unknown.
Traveling with Pius (the man who dreamed about naked evangelists) and my neighbour, Betty.
Destination: Kaberimaido
Purpose: to meet with 7 pastors to discuss an Evangelism Explosion course / training.
What does this have to do with dancing and sand?
Well, turning off of a nicely tarmacked road, I went south on a very sandy road.
Dust storms circled the car.
The Subaru would occasionally fish tail in the thicker trails, especially if I was passing a motorcycle or trying to overtake another big vehicle.
I actually enjoyed it... the ride was smooth, and I felt like I was driving in snow. 
My passengers thought it was like driving on the beach.
After a one hour journey, we pulled into the church compound and sat down for a well-organized meeting.  The pastors were very excited to have an Evangelism training and also were asking guidance on how to do children's ministry.  They want me to plan for a four or five day course and I'm super excited about it.  I even plan on staying in that village throughout the workshop time.
After one hour of discussion, the three of us hopped back in the car, popped in a worship CD and danced our way home in the sand.

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