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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Riding with Royalty

Yesterday morning I met 7 other ladies in the church parking lot for a day away.  I was able to drive Dad's Safari van so that all 8 of us could drive together to the Coffee Break rally in Oakville.  There were over 730 women meeting together for a day of worship, fellowship, guest speakers, and entertainment.  I absolutely loved the day away and soaked in the words of the speakers.  Melinda Estabrooks (CTS) shared her amazing story and I would recommend that next year the rally planners place kleenex in each of our programs.  The stories were hard - overcoming abuse, neglect, immigration, hardships, but recognizing God's love, grace, faithfulness, and goodness through it all. 

On the way home, traffic was crawling due to an accident in the distance.  To the right of the van, there was a car load of young men who were pointing at us with curiousity.  They were pointing and chatting excitedly.  Moments later they took a photo of us.  Now, I must admit, I don't know what these young guys were looking at... I thought maybe there was writing on the side of the van or a sign hanging off the back windshield wiper.  We were so curious.  You must realize that I was driving ladies that ranged from their 40's-70's in age, but we all felt like young ladies being hit on.  :)  A while later down the road another vehicle was pointing at us and also smiling.

When I pulled in to the church parking lot at dinner time, we all got out to check the van.  The panels were clean.  The tires were full.  Nothing was hanging on the back.  Everything seemed perfect.... so...

Here is my take on it (especially since it has been a week full of Royal Wedding media):  All eight of us are daughters of the King of kings.  Yes, the princess theme continues on in my life!!  I have a feeling that the guys in the car beside us knew that we were special people.  Royal Princesses! and that made us picture worthy.  I'm hoping they saw the joy of the Lord pouring through the windows of the van as they passed by. 

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  1. I love that, Karen! Daughters of the King. Princesses. How great is that? Thanks for the reminder! How awesome to think that maybe all those guys pointing and smiling did in fact sense something - Someone - present there in your van, pouring out to those around. Lovely thought. That should be how it is always ... living in Christ, and He in us, to the point where others notice something beautiful and different about us! Yay for you ladies! :)