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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cheering for Michigan

Crossing the border into Michigan around noon yesterday, I started getting excited once again.  Not because of the bumpy roads that are in severe need of a renovation in Port Huron, but because I felt like I was coming home.  I went to college for four years in Grand Rapids, and now I was heading to town for 10 days to visit old friends that I love so dearly.  Fun and fundraising is the purpose of this getaway, but I would almost call it a "Staycation" because staying with my cousin Judy and her gorgeous family feels like home to me. 

Besides people, there are a few other reasons why I am cheering for Michigan today:
1. The deer are numerous and pretty.
2. The trees are much greener in spring blooms.
3. Drivers actually line up nicely when forming a single lane in construction, rather than being pushy and trying to get to the front of the pack before cutting in.
4. Gas is cheaper (although not by much).
5. The sun is shining.
6. The Canadian geese are relaxing on the pond right outside "my" bedroom window. 
7. Stamps are cheaper.

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