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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Facing the Forest

Last night I moved from my dear cousin Judy's house to some friends who are moving to India with International Teams.  Both homes are places of respite and peace for me.  Judy's home is active with four children, but the conversation is always refreshing and the external world amazing.  Situated on a pond, deer march around the property, and geese guard their new goslings.  Now I'm in a quiet home that looks down in to a bushy wetland, even though the house is built in the centre of Grand Rapids, MI.

For 8 days now I have been on the road, visiting with amazing friends and family.  It's hard to catch up with so many people, but God has provided a way.  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners... Coffee Times and Bible Studies.  It has been humbling to recognize once again that God has placed so many beautiful people in my life.... not just in Grand Rapids, but in Ontario, Uganda, Netherlands, Philippines, etc. 

I will be in GR a few more days.  I am looking forward to catching up with my team-mates who are home from Uganda for a few months, and on Friday night I will be attending an auction sale for the Tiesenga's.  It seems strange not to be writing more, but I am really just learning to rest and fellowshipping with friends from ages past.  My time has been spent with an incredible amount of children, and if I ever get my computer back from the Geek Squad, I hope to upload some photos. 

As I sit here in the Luth's living room, the forest just beyond the bay window reminds me of my future.  I see God in the trees - His glory, majesty, might and delight.  But I also get overwhelmed... I can't see very far and even though it is an exciting adventure to ride in the Palms of God, I am still learning to trust Him one step at a time.  Only the Lord knows when I am supposed to move on and I pray that I will be able to hear His voice and love His people.

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