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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Escapades in Hickville

I'm in a strange stage right now...  desiring to be on the mission field in Uganda, but also wanting to be with friends and family here in Canada.  The only way for me to get to Uganda is to raise the $3425 / month that I need in order to live and serve there.  I thank the Lord that I have already been able to raise 33%, but there is a lot more work to be done and a lot more support to come in before I can go to Africa.
This morning I had the privilege of speaking in Lucknow, at the Community CRC, and I was able to share God's stories with friends from my childhood.  I was a member in Lucknow for the first 29 years of my life and many times my heart still belongs in that old church - where I studied catechism and sung hymns from memory.
 Last night I drove into the area... Leaving home at 7 pm, carrying the promise that God is watching over every step of my journey, I drove two hours west to the area of my childhood.
 While journeying on rural roads, I followed the sun.  I passed young Mennonite woman taking an evening stroll on the gravelled sides, noticed that many solar panels were put up on a certain ten mile stretch of the road, and smelled bonfires on farmer's yards.  Joy crossed my face as I was reminded over and over that the Lord is with me, even when the road is long and "boring", and just like solar panels - I need to walk in the power of the SON! 
Last night I tucked into bed with the sound of frogs croaking and maple tree waving it's branches good night.  Waking up to a little rain, I didn't let the weather dampen the fellowship of old friends.  I drove with MumB to church and was able to share my heart for Uganda after the service.  After lunch with some great friends, I went to visit a wonderful couple whom I have loved since my senior year of high school.  Inviting me into their strawberry kitchen, we sipped tea, munched on apples and sweet cinnamon cake, and swapped stories.
 On the way back home I took a short detour and went to sit by the old Bluevale dam.  My brothers and I used to spend many hot summer hours at this dam - jumping off a dock, swinging from a tree, or splashing on the shore.  (Thanks Mom and Dad for taking us to this cool water spot!)
O ya, I just wanted to share this cute picture taken last Sunday - two of my nephews are riding at the park with the Sliedrecht children.... dear kids who call me "Aunt Karen" in Uganda.

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