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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Zaccheus - May 13, 2009

Greetings friends!

Rainy season arrived, left for three weeks, then came back even wetter and more beautiful than before. This afternoon I biked home from tutoring, with three year old Avalien riding on the storage rack behind me, and we watched the lightening strike. “Bike faster!”, Avalien would yell as I peddled around puddles that threatened to slow us down. We got home just before the skies opened up and we relaxed on my porch, in awe of God’s strength. Avalien played with my hair, yes, one of my life’s simple pleasures, until a double rainbow appeared. Incredible!! God was wrapping His glorious arms around us!

As the rain continued to pour, two year old Moses also came over to visit, and the three of us laid on one of the bunkbeds that was delivered today. (The guest house is coming together more and more each day. 10 of the beds are made, and hopefully next week I will paint the last bedroom in my house.) I pulled out an extra big book, a foot and a half by two feet, and read to them the story of Zacchaeus. A simple Bible story of how a short man, a sinner, wanted to see Jesus. He climbed a tree and when Jesus saw him, he said “Zacchaeus, you come down, for I am going to your house today!” When Zacchaeus met with Jesus, his life changed, he gave gifts to those he had stolen from, and he had much joy.

I thought about how sometimes I feel like Zacchaeus. A little person in a big world. A person who makes mistakes every day, but delightfully gets a forgiven fresh start every day also. When I finally take the time to get closer to Jesus he opens many doors. My life in Uganda has been an incredible blessing over the past month. (I have been here two months already!)

I have gotten back into the daily routine of teaching missionary kids and I actually love it.

Occasionally I am able to travel out to the villages to meet with Children Affected by Armed Forces and I listen to their stories, counsel them in the simple ways that I can, put smiles on their faces as I try to join them in dancing to the local music, and pray with them as they strive to recover from being victims of war. Please check out my blog for more of these stories.

A three day spiritual retreat in Jinja, with my team, was truly refreshing. We stayed right on Lake Victoria, and I could see the mouth of the Nile river. Absolutely stunning. Then the Sliedrechts and I traveled on to Kampala to visit the Indian embassy (so I can attend a wedding in India in June), bought furniture and supplies for the guest house, visited doctors, and bought a few extra fun groceries.

I am now teaching 90 plus children on Sunday mornings, ages 3-12, and I am mentoring four young people on how to do children’s ministry. It is so much fun.

And just like Zacchaeus, I want to give away the gifts that God has given to me. I share friendship, joy, food, laughter, and peace with those around me. I am seeking to be better at hearing God’s voice and trusting in Him completely.

Thank you for climbing a tree with me, and for catching a glimpse at how the Lord is at work here in Soroti, and in my life. May you be eating with Jesus too, before the day is done.

Feeling humbly bigger every moment,

Karen Lubbers

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