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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Joining the Team - March 12, 2009

“HAKUNA MATATA… what a wonderful phrase…. It means ‘no worries” and I am sure you can imagine me singing the rest of that song. J Delightfully I am broadening the number of Swahili songs that I am singing and am dancing with joy. I am well my friends and enjoying all that East Africa has to offer me right now.

Some of you might still think I am up in Kalacha, but praise the Lord, I am now with my Ugandan team-mates at a conference just outside of Nairobi, Kenya. Last week, Rachel and I were able to get a ride down country in the nurse’s Land Rover… the same nurse that was chased out of Kalacha wanted her vehicle so we drove down with another missionary (Steve). God is good. I feel absolutely horrible for the nurse, but the Lord used that situation to help me get where I needed to go.

It was a two day drive, very dusty and dirty, and occasionally squishy. For example, in many of the towns we drove through we had to pass by a police check, where metal teeth strips are placed across the street so that you are forced to stop. Well, in Lasamis the police office asked us to drive his elderly father down to Isiolo (a four hour drive) and we didn’t feel that we really had a choice, so Rachel and I squished together in the back seat, amongst suitcases, jerry cans of water, and household goods. Steve and his wife were moving to Nairobi, so it was a fully loaded vehicle. This old man came with us, and he often held his hands in a prayer position… I don’t know if he was grateful for the ride, or if he was praying that he would survive over the potholes that Steve took at a fairly quick speed. J

Rachel and I spent the weekend in Nairobi - going to a game park, doing a bit of grocery shopping for her family, and relaxing at a guest house. It was amazingly quiet without 5 little Andersen children running around and demanding Rachel’s attention. We had great heart to hearts and laughed together as well.

On Monday morning I was able to get a ride to Brackenhurst Conference Centre with another person staying at the guest house (see how God laid out the path of travel so nicely) and I have been here for the past few days. I can’t begin to describe how amazing the fellowship has been. There are maybe sixty of us here, both westerners and East Africans, worshipping, learning, and playing together. I have heard stories that have made me cry… of street kids who have learned to read and get a real job, or a Rwandan Tutsi growing up in a refugee camp, who is now working alongside of a Hutu. 1.5 kg orphans who are now beautiful children or nurses who are growing herbal gardens. So much is happening out here.

My favourite activity is shooting hoops with the guys. Today I made my first three pointer. On Saturday I will finally begin my journey to Soroti. My bags are weary of travelling and look well-worn. Uganda here I come.

May this note find each of you enjoying delightful weather and peaceful days. If there is anyone who would not like to receive these updates, please let me know. Thanks.

Dancing in God’s Goodness,
Karen Lubbers

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