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Thursday, June 17, 2010

February 25, 2009 - Delights of the Desert

I only have 5 more days left up here in Kalacha before the Andersen’s and I begin a long journey back down country. Hopefully by the end of next week I will be joining up with my team-mates who live and serve in Uganda and begin the next phase of my African journey.

What’s been fun in the desert sun this week? Well, I went to the medical clinic to see a GSU soldier come in to town with a snake bite needing treatment. And last night I watched an electrical shock being given to our night guard who just got bit by a scorpion. Both men are recovering just fine. I visited a new born baby in a small hut at the edge of town. I knew it was a boy because a wooden stool and axe were tied to the roof above the door.

Three car loads of us muzungus drove 15 minutes out of Kalacha on Monday night to enjoy a sunset picnic on the chalbi - with chai and popcorn. The kids ran for miles on the dried, cracked, flat land and the adults took photos of the sun setting. Mars shown brightly in the sky long before gazillions of stars came out. On the way home we spotted a jackal running with some dinner in it’s mouth.

I’ve eaten some Ostrich egg and hope to try some fried locust before the end of the day. J And a precious lemon merrange pie was served for Uriah’s 7th birthday.

The youth of the small church here in Kalacha say that I should stay longer since I fit in so easily. I have already been practising the very difficult greetings and enjoy singing with them all at music practise. (I pretend that I can speak the words that I read from the songbook.) Pray for the church of Kalacha though - as many of the people attending church still do not fully grasp what it means to follow Christ, or they are praying for wisdom on how to let go of the old Gabra traditions in order to make a difference.

Jarso is one young man in particular who is really struggling right now. He works on the mission station as a handyman and is learning a lot about mechanics from Eddie. Jarso is the oldest in his family of nine children and that means he has many roles to fulfill. He is supposed to take part in the sacrifices that occur during the new moon. He is trying to raise 60,000 shillings so that he can buy three camels to give as a dowry for his bride, but whenever he has the slightest amount of money saved he has to give it to his family or neighbours for school, medication, food, etc. Occasionally Jarso has periods of depression because he gets so overwhelmed with all needs to do and during those times his family try to stand up to the neighbours by saying “NO - we will not send our son to the witch doctor”. On Sunday morning Jarso and his brother Barako stood in front of the church with their parents, confessed their sins, and sang “Jesus Loves Me” whole heartedly. Pray for the whole family as they seek to do what is right in the eyes of the Lord.

Bones, my teddy bear, has made a huge hit in Kalacha and it is very rare to find a photo without him in it. The community is threatening to kidnap him so that I will stay longer. J Please check out Charmyn’s blog to see a Bones story.

I hope you are all well and loving life. Please email me and tell me what’s going on in your world. I would love to hear from you and know how to pray for you.

Karen Lubbers

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