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Friday, June 30, 2017

Please Pray for Jesca

Aujo Jesca has become my friend over the past year - especially since she was on the planning committee with me, to host GPS 2017.  The Global Prayer Safari was a great time for prayer and worship and Jesca had so much strength and joy.
 This evening Jesca called me to join her at the main hospital in Soroti.  She had a little girl (Sarah) on Tuesday by C-section and she is still fighting headaches.  She wanted prayers and was requesting that I come immediately, but also to let others know.
 As I stood by her bedside, she shared her story with me.  It is now Friday night - and she had begun to labour on Monday.  She was sent home on Monday to get some money to pay for the surgery and medications she would need.  Even gloves needed to be purchased.  So, Tuesday morning she was back at the hospital and ready to deliver.  At noon they gave her an injection in her back which did not take, so they injected her two more times.  From her description, the nurse had terrible bedside manners... saying "I'm going to poke you until it takes... so bend over!"  After three needles she couldn't breathe any more.  She remembers an oxygen mask being put over her face and voices saying, "There is nothing more we can do for this one, let's just get the baby out."  She woke up, hours later, in a corridor, with an oxygen mask still on her face, but no stitches in her belly.  The nurses were shocked. "She woke up! Quick, wheel her in so we can stitch her up."  She said the doctor wasn't prepared and she was in a lot of pain.  She has a feeling that the doctors wrote her off for dead... but she came back!!  
But since then Jesca has had very sore back pains and a terrible headache.  It starts at the base of the neck and goes all the way up and around to her forehead.  For 4 days now she cannot sit up for anything - eating, drinking, and feeding little Sarah are very difficult for her.  The doctors want to discharge her tomorrow - again saying there is nothing more to do for her.  
Please pray with me that Jesca can recover quickly and completely. She really wants to attend a conference with me in August and is excited to grow in her faith and knowledge of Christ.  She has already lost one baby... so please... bring Jesca to the throne room of God.

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