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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Just another day...

I had fun today.
 I bought a kitten from the street boys for 500 shillings (20 cents).  They were hungry and wanted me to buy them a chapati to eat, or I could buy a kitten.  They had three healthy kittens in a box and I ended up buying two of them.  One for me and one for another lady who thought they were adorable too.  So, now the boys can still go and get some food to eat.  :)  But what do I name this little treasure?
 I delivered some food to friends in need.  Together we lamented over the caterpillars that are destroying the maize crops here.
 Teaching Religious Education to a bunch of P1 students is always an adventure.  I had to compete with the noise from the next classroom, but I think the kids got it!  We need to give our offerings to God with joy and thanksgiving in our hearts.
 We can worship God in song...
 We can offer Him our gifts and talents...
 Or the fruits of our labour / garden / farm.
 I am so grateful for this OneHope curriculum.
I spent the evening with Joy... do you remember the little girl who I was with in 2012 while she went through chemotherapy for retinal blastoma.  Well, she is healthy now and having fun playing with the toys in my house.  Except, she needs a new eye - a bigger one - so I may be traveling with her next week to see what fits.

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