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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Army worms, eyes, and little children

The other day I helped carry cabbage to my neighbour's piggery (it helps to learn to do these projects together) and we checked out the maize field.
 My heart broke as the whole field is devastated - like so many other corn crops that have been planted this season. Not only was there drought, but now the staple food is being attacked by a crazy, uncontrollable pest.  
 Look at that thing... it even looks alien!!
 Lord, please rescue our people and save our crops.
 On Friday I took my name sake - Karen Joy to the St. Benedictine Eye Hospital in Tororo.  I was very impressed by the gardens and the service at the hospital.  And joy was such a trooper.
 Joy was happy the whole day!  And she was able to see trains, Mt. Elgon, the Kenyan border, and try Indian food too.
I loved it when the trays of eyes came out, what a fun way to pick out a new prosthetic eye.
On Monday I led Africa Child Day at a nursery school.  I have never worked with such a young group for so long before, but we had a great time together!!  I told many stories and acted out dramas.  We sang songs, coloured, played games, and had a blast.  Thank you Lord for the African Child!

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