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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Ladies Fellowship and a Malaria test

Sundays are becoming a full day for ladies fellowship and discipleship Bible study.  In the morning I went to be with Tereza as she led worship in her church, then a few came over to begin cooking.
 We wanted to have a day to appreciate one another, but the girls also wanted to welcome me back from Kenya.
 We shared a delicious meal together
 Lots of laughter and conversation
 And a good time in His Word.  We finished a series on the Sermon on the Mount... this week's theme was Matthew 7 "Do not Judge".  Very insightful and meaningful sharing.
 We also celebrated Jesca's birthday!!  I always love to bake a cake for someone!
 In the evening a friend came over for a malaria test.  He was scared of a tiny poke. :)
After testing positive for 3+ malaria, it was off to the pharmacy for treatment.  He is now doing much better!!
All in a day's work.

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