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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Calm Before the Storm...

In a half an hour I am leaving for the airport and I must admit I'm feeling pretty good.  I feel so blessed and am glad to be organized.  Mom, Dad, and Rick are coming with me, to help check in 10 pieces of baggage before I board the plane for Amsterdam and then Entebbe.

Last week I was able to get away to Grand Rapids, MI for a few days - to fellowship and celebrate American Thanksgiving with some precious people... but I was also able to deliver over 300 pounds of books/journals/photo albums, etc that will be shipped over to Uganda.  A wonderful company is donating some space in a shipping crate that will take 2 months to arrive, and it really helped to get rid of some of my heavier items so I don't need to carry them on the plane.

Sunday was a wonderful day.  Bethel CRC in Newmarket was full as people - friends and relatives came from around the province to be a part of my Commissioning service.  The advent theme, of Jesus - Our Good News, totally fit with being sent to Uganda.  A large crowd of people came to the front of the church and laid hands on me as my niece and nephews tucked in close for some of their final good-byes.  (Hopefully pictures will follow) A potluck luncheon followed the service and then a relaxing Open House to greet a few more friends and family members.  Family dinner sealed the evening.

Yesterday I said farewell to my grandfather and ran a few more errands - all of my insurance and banking is set up.  Hopefully Dad will be able to sell my car soon... I actually ran out of time to deal with it.

Now - the bags are loaded in the van and my heart is extremely peaceful - as I have seen God work everything out in amazing ways.  I am a little bit tired, but I have 16 hours on a plane, with only a 2.5 hour layover in Amsterdam.  I think I'll buy some yummy cheese to take with me.  I am so excited to see my team-mates on the other side of the ocean!!  I know that I have been fairly chipper about leaving, but have no fear - I do get choked up every once in a while - for this amazing journey that I am embarking on. 

All is well... and this Ride in God's Palm is going to be incredible... I know the days ahead will be incredible, but they will be like a storm of light - that truly displays God's power and majesty.  May He receive the glory as I strive to serve Him when I hit African soil.

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