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Monday, September 26, 2011

Green Mailboxes

It was a blessing to be at Bethel CRC on Sunday morning.  We are celebrating 56 years of existance and we had an awesome service of worship and digging into God's Word.  After the service we had a barbeque and chatted with not only fellow church members, but also with guests.  Christian Reformed Home Missions sent us a wonderful lady, Hilda, who is the Ministry Developer for Evangelism and Prayer - to lead us in a time of prayer walking in the community around Bethel and Newmarket.  (Hilda happens to be a person from my past that I used to babysit for, so it was cool to see her again.)

With burgers and hotdogs settling into the depths of our stomachs, a group of us settled into chairs that were dispersed around the fellowship hall.  Hilda led us in a workshop about Prayer Walking - being intentional to pray for people, businesses, sights, and needs around our church and then we were sent out into the community to pray. 

I went out with two friends.  Praying aloud, we walked passed businesses and meandered the sidewalks for a short while.  An unexpected prayer came about when I spotted a set of three older green mailboxes.  More than half of the doors were hanging open, and I felt the Spirit leading me to pray for the shut-ins and the lonely.  Most of the world stays connected through the internet now days, but I know there are still some older generations who would appreciated snail mail, a phonecall, and a visit.  I prayed that God would bring a friend to the shut-ins and open my eyes to the lonely. 

I know that we were stretched as a church yesterday morning, but I'm grateful.  I must admit that my prayer life goes through stages of weak and strong, and it's always good to be reminded of different ways to pray.  We can pray anywhere and for anything - if you are out walking the dog - pray for your neighbours.  Riding the bus - pray for the drivers.  I remember when I used to ride the jeepneys in the Philippines, most Filipinos would make the sign of the cross whenever we passed by a church.  Even if it was a ritual for many of the Filipinos, it often reminded me to pray for the city that I was traveling in. 

Steve Hawthorne says that "Prayer-walking is praying on site with insight."  I hope that your eyes have been opened just a little bit to pray everywhere that you are.  Pray without ceasing.

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