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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Best of the Berkshires

I had the privilege of going back to the Beautiful Berkshires, and this time I went with my parents.
Dad, Mom, and I at a natural Marble Quarry.
 There is something magical about old covered bridges.
 One day was spent at the famous Fort Ticonderoga in northern New York State.
 African art at The Clark gallery - made out of liquor lids.  Very impressive, yet sad as the story talked about how Europeans brought alcohol to Africa to trade with, addictions happened, slavery began, alcohol went full circle as slaves came to America and were forced to grow that crops that brewed the alcohol... alcohol was shipped to Europe, and Europeans took it back to Africa.
 This is the cute little cottage that we stayed in... perfect for the three of us.  If you ever need a place to stay in the Berkshires... check out this location.
 The cottage is on the property of a family trying to rebuild an old farm.  This used to be one of the largest chicken barns in the State of Massechusetts.  We had a blast touring the farm and getting to the know the family a whole lot better.  I met one of the brothers at the tiny church I attended in June with the Galavanting Gals.
 On Dad's birthday we drove back into New York to explore an Old Stone Fort Museum, but found that we still had a few hours to occupy in the afternoon, so we went to the humorous Secret Caverns.  Deep in the cave there was a 100 ft waterfall... the sound was amazing - in the bowels of the earth.
 Herman Melville was the author of "Moby Dick"... and we were able to tour his homestead.
 The Berkshires is loaded with white steepled churches.
 All week long we could feel the effects of Hurricane Irene in the air... the colours were amazing!
 Back to the top of Mt. Greylock - the highest peak in all of Massechusetts.
 Dad and I climbed up one steep rockface while Mom worried from the ground below.

 Another evening brought us to Monument Mountain - for an incredibly scenic view.
On top of the world!

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