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Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Blessing at Tanglewood

Two weeks ago today, my parents and I decided to spend the afternoon listening to the Boston Symphony.  One of the hottest summer attractions in the Berkshires is a trip to Tanglewood, so I had secretly hoped it would be possible to go to this musical program.
 "The Shed" at Tanglewood hosts over 1200 seats in under a covered roof, but there is also plenty of room on the grass for lawn chairs and picnic blankets.  We didn't buy tickets in advance because we originally thought we would buy the cheapest tickets and sit out on the lawn.  Rain dampened our plans though - we had no idea if tickets were even available or affordable for in the shed. 
Pulling in to the busy parking lot, we spotted many people with umbrellas and lawn chairs.  We were totally unprepared, but started walking towards the ticket booth anyways.  Cars continued to fill the lot behind us, when all of a sudden a lady appeared in front of us.  She quickly asked if we had tickets yet, because a family emergency just came up and she had to go.  She had three tickets and she wanted to give them to us.  "They are probably better seats than the ones you have... I was just going to drop them off at the box office. She said.  Well, we didn't have tickets yet.  She handed me three ticket and I choked when I saw the price.  Sheepishly I asked, "Would you like anything for these tickets?" 
"No, just enjoy the show!"  And off she ran.  Mom and Dad were chatting quickly about how we should run back and at least give her twenty bucks.  I said, "No, that would be insulting, because she just gave us $91 tickets!!"  Wow - three tickets for $91 each. 
Dad's response: "God loves me!!... But we must remember to pray for the family emergency."
 We found ourselves front and centre at the shed.  Just a few rows off from the stage and it was perfect.
 For almost an hour we watched musicians set up their instruments and tune with each other before the show even began.  A completely different culture, and I now have a new appreciation for the orchestra.
 The all Mozart program was phenomenal.  The musicians played with such intensity and passion.  The piano player danced his fingers over the keys and followed the conductor with immense devotion and animation.
Here's the proof... I'm holding one of the ticket blessings.

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