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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Let Peace Reign

This week my house-mate, Amos, is teaching about the Book of Ephesians from our garage. 30 chairs are set up and a fan is blowing in a simple cement block structure as he expounds upon the power and peace which Paul writes about in Ephesians. I have been trying to attend his seminars but I have been battling the flu the past few days and it leaves me completely exhausted. I have caught a few good chunks of his seminar though. One portion was on the different areas of our lives that are now experiencing chaos and should be experiencing peace. They are: peace with others, peace with ourselves, peace with God, and peace with creation. Satan tries to get in the way many times and so we just need to keep focused on Jesus.

I am not the only one on our team that is not well. It seems like our bodies are being attacked at the moment, because right now, everything else seems to be going so smoothly for us. Within the past three weeks here is a list of all that has hit the team: malaria, pink eye, a swollen elbow, extreme back pain, salmonella poisoning, the flu, colds, ghiardia, and tiredness. Please pray that every one of us can return to complete health and renewed peace, so that the Lord's work can continue here!

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