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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Culture Shockers

Stephanie and I went to visit our dear friends Pastor George, Pastor James and his wife Norah today for some wonderful chai tea. The discussion got to weddings and the cultures that surround it. Do you know that a person is never allowed to be in the presence of their mother-in-law? Not just at the wedding, but ever... apparently it shows respect, but I would call that fear. And then the man has to pay for his bride in cows. Gee Dad, how many cows do you think I am worth? They say it is not buying the bride but showing appreciation to the in-laws. Well, Steph and I created a lot of laughter when we told them that the groom dances with the mother-in-law at the wedding and we danced to show them how. We also described how in the Dutch culture we greet eachother on special occasions with a kiss on the lips. They couldn't believe it.

P.S. I am getting to know the young Indian shop keepers at one particular grocery store. The last time I arrived they shared with me their precious fruit that came in from Kampala. They had been snacking on it out on the street, split it in half and gave it to me. Then today I was handed a free chocolate bar as I was paying for my groceries. I pray that God will break down the walls in their hearts.

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