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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Submarines and Other Subjects

Week one in Canada is finished and for the most part I'm doing well... just a strange mix of emotions.  Ugandans are still calling and texting every day and I don't know who to visit here in Canada.  I have only spent time with family in the last 7 days and I think that's good. 
 On Easter Monday Mom, Dad, and I went to the Lake.
 To see icebergs floating out on the lake still
 And to visit the Ojibwa Nuclear Submarine in Port Burwell.
 Inside the torpedo cabin!
It was a good, in-depth tour and a nice day out with the parents.
Now I'm nanny to my sweet nephews.  :)  Except that I don't make a good nanny anymore.  Yesterday morning I was supposed to bring the boys to the bus stop.  We hopped in the car and as we were approaching the drop off corner, I noticed that parents were walking away without any kids there.  Oh no... we missed the bus.  Turning on to the next street, we saw the bus sitting at the stop light.  Racing after the bus, I accidentally popped the trunk... I have no idea how or when... but the boys were laughing as I made lots of race car sounds effects and we followed the bus.  About 5 km down road the bus stopped randomly on the side of the road.  My nephew says sometimes it stops just to wait, so that it's not too early to arrive at the next kid's house.  The boys jumped on the bus.  The substitute bus driver apologized and so did I.  He said he was new to the route and I said I'm new to this motherhood thing.  :)  O ya, all in a days work.
Some people tell me I'm still on Africa time, but other parents at the bus stop have told me that my brother is often late for a drop off too... so maybe it's a Lubbers thing.  :) 

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