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Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Few Projects

Projects on the go:
 Painting in the library at Harmony primary school... Helping my sweet team-mates, especially Rachel, who teaches reading classes in the library. 
 The painting is not yet finished, but one wall has a blackboard, another one will have a sunshine and rainbow scene, and the other two are freshly painted white after removing termite mounds hiding behind the bookshelves.
 Yesterday I taught "17 Stories" and "Stories of Hope" in the village of Serere... I always love meeting new faces and teaching teachers how to share God's Word.
 Then again today, I co-taught the same course in Soroti town - teaching 27 school teachers how to use this international Bible story curriculum.
 Here we are as a group before everyone went their separate ways with enough books to teach all kids in their schools ages 6-12.  It was a lot of organizing and counting for me and I loved it! 
A full but fantastic way to end another week in Soroti.

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  1. Wow - this is great Karen! I love how much you love teaching!