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Monday, March 18, 2013

I Need a Cup

Yesterday after church I was invited to a home full of wonderful people.  After partaking of lunch, consisting of rice, posho (white cornmeal), beans, and pork, I had to wash my hands.  Reason: I used my right hand to eat and the food was sticking to my fingers.  A young man walked around with a small basin and a jerry can of water, so that we could all wash our hands.  I threw my hand into the basin's dirty water to get my hand wet, then took the bar of soap that was sitting in dirty water - to scrub seriously.  At this point I told my friend that he could begin pouring clean water over my hand.  He slowly poured water into my cupped hands and I let it swish around.  Then scrubbed more and let the water fall into the basin.  Four times he poured a little water into my hand until the soap and food residues had disappeared.  I was excited when he said that I wash my hands like a true African.
Because I'm still not very Ugandan when it comes to bucket bathing.  My village hosts always mock me when I ask for a cup.  They don't understand that my tiny hands can't hold water, swish it on to my body and wash my hair all at the same time.  I need a cup to hold water so that I can use my other hand to wash and rinse my body.  Who knew a cup would make so many people laugh?!
A bathing house

My cup floating in the bath water

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