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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Love and Sex

This topic has been on my mind a lot lately.  :)  But only because I was handed a six booklet package of material by one of my Ugandan ministry partners, and he wanted me to share the teachings a couple of times.  Two months ago I was supposed to do a one week discussion group at his church, but then he left for school and the attendees never showed up.  I was disappointed because the material is Biblical, thorough, and approachable.

Today, Peter and I were finally able to present a 1.5 hour lesson on Love and Sex to a girls boarding school.  140 girls filled the hall with a male teacher and head-master.  I did ponder where the female staff were and wondered if the girls would be at all responsive with no other female adults in the room, but I feel like the lesson went well.  Girls made comments and asked questions.  I could see on some faces that young girls have already given up their virginity, but I also know that for many of them, it probably wasn't a choice.

After presenting many facts, I was glad to also share that God's love is the best.  God is forgiving, and he gives you the strength you hold on to high values.  God can wipe away the guilt and pain and help young girls begin again.

I pray that today's topic goes deep into the girls hearts...

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