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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Farming God's Way

This morning I joined a group of pastors, friends, and farmers in planting a small field, using the "Farming God's Way" method. 
 We started the day with prayer, and then began measuring out holes.  No ploughing... just digging!
 Here is my team-mate, Chris Fisher, as he is walking alongside these wonderful Ugandans.
 It was my job to scoop the poop :)...
 and place one cup of manure in each hole.
 After planting 3 corn seeds in each whole, we filled in the holes with dirt and then covered the field in a layer of mulch... aka - God's blanket.
Here's the crew... in three hours we got 18 rows x 18 holes planted!  Then we took swallowship and came back to Soroti.

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