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Monday, March 5, 2012

A Special Invitation

My cell phone rang - it was a local shop owner inviting me to a special luncheon the next day.  He said that he was inviting some mzungus for lunch and he wanted me to attend because I have been a blessing and encouragement to him at his place of work.  This man owns/runs both a computer/stationary supply store, as well as, a tiny restaurant.
I arrived at 1pm the next day, to find 4 other mzungus there - Americans who are here just for a short while.  We had fun talking while my friend and his wife cooked us lunch.  Wow - tender beef steak, and spicy chicken fillets... both of which I have never eaten in Uganda before.  I was spoiled as these yummy meats were served with both rice and Irish potatoes, along with a tiny bit of dodo greens. 
I am just thankful to have a shop owner that I can trust.  And he is an encouragement to me also, as he is a man who is truly seeking after God's heart.  His wife is beautiful and his little boy adorable.  It was truly special for all of us to gather together, hold hands, and end our luncheon in prayer.  God is good.

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