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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Miracles Happen Every Day

Walking in to a Jazzercise room at a small community center in Carmel, Indiana, I was delighted to see a platform transformed with huge speakers and instruments.  A perfect way to start a Sunday morning - with heartfelt worship lead by my friend Bill Chaulk, and other members of a small outreach church.  Bill had asked me the day before to speak at church and I felt ill-prepared but I knew my story well.

Worshipping whole-heartedly, I prayed that the Spirit would give me the right words to say and when I shared my testimony and stories of Uganda, I felt such peace, joy, and clarity.  There were maybe 15 or so people in church that day and so it was the perfect size group to share with.  Finishing up the service, the whole church gathered round me and prayed for me with laying on of hands.  I was anointed with oil and being sent back to Canada.  I felt like Paul, who went to Rome to be looked after on his way to Spain.  Spoiled with love and great fellowship with the saints.

As we were packing up some of the equipment after the service, a man loading music stands and a lap top into my car said, "Karen, when are you going back to Canada?"  I was leaving in about two hours and he said he was not going to let me go to Toronto with two bald front tires.  What?  I didn't even know the tires were that bad.  I get my car checked regularly and try to stay on top of these things, but after looking at the tires with my own eyes I saw they were horrible.

By faith, I gave this man my car keys and he disappeared for a while.  I waited at the Chaulk's house until 3 pm when this man returned.  He blessed me with 2 brand new tires, a full tank of gas, a car wash, and he even called his mechanic son and asked him to meet him at another garage so they could check out my red engine light.  That problem is now repaired too! 

In shock, and truly grateful, I left for the border at 3:15pm on Sunday.  Again, who am I that I should be so blessed?

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  1. What a wonderful blessing. God bless this man, I am sure he has!