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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cub Car Rally

"There will be three heaps of races tonight.  Each car will be judged by it's speed and it's design."
"In lane two, Karen Lubbers..." 
 On Tuesday night I joined the cadets from my church to participate in the cub car rally.  My dear friend and mentor Sylvia surprisingly made me a car with which to compete.  She painted the car with the colours of the Ugandan flag.  Karebear painted on one side, a cross, miniature Bible and bear on top, and a Jesus symbol on the other side.  How fun!  A "Missionary Mobil".
 This fun car did not place that night, but it was fun to join the kids in a racing competition.
Most of the evening was the rally, but tears came to my eyes when the whole crowd joined together to sing "Living for Jesus".  I am glad the cadets still sing the old hymn with such passion.

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