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Monday, March 7, 2011

Sharing with Children

On Wednesday morning I had the joy of sharing about missions with about 90 students.  Stouffville Christian School invited me to come and speak at one of their morning assemblies.  Carting my suitcase, I entertained the children with stories, photos, and a few props... including an old gourd used to carry camel milk.  Mom was able to obtain a bunch of simple necklaces for me, each made with white twine carry a cross inside an oval glass orb.  I shared these little treasures, complimented by 25 different prayer requests for Uganda, with each person attending the assembly (as I also did 2 weeks ago when I made a presentation at church during the children's story) and asked each child that when they wear it, they would remember to pray for people in missions.  Apparently one of the classes took the prayer requests back to the classroom and spend time in prayer.  Praise God!  I would love to have a partnership team of little prayer warriors.

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