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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pamba Party

On Sunday morning I say a song of Benediction to the congregation and thought I was saying my final farewell, but they decided to throw a spontaneous party for Monday night. So at 4:30pm on Monday I arrived in Pamba for an exciting evening of fellowship.
The women were very busy in the kitchen, preparing a simple supper for us all!
I sang with many of the kids and young people. Praise and worship went on for almost an hour before a more formal program began.
The Teso culture loves to sing... and even repeats songs many times throughout the evening. I thought I loved music, but these people out do me.
During the program there were also a few fun musical numbers.
The whole church is sad to see me go, even if they say that with big smiles on their faces. Some of the children gave speeches about how grateful they are that I taught them so many Bible stories. And the young people said that even though the Sunday School program wouldn't be the same without me, it would not die. They have learned a lot about Children's Ministry and they will keep it going no matter what! Stories will be told in creative ways and the children will be visited in their home.
I really see some potential leaders in the kids of Pamba, so I truly pray these kids will be raised under the Godly leadership of some great young people.

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  1. Wow karen
    Great to read your posts - I know that you are excited to be home again because of family but I am pretty sure that you will miss these wonderful people who have taken you in as part of their community.
    Hope you have safe travels back home.