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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pamba Drama

This afternoon I biked out to Pamba to begin capturing the "Hard Life in Africa" with my Sunday school class. I'm not sure how it's a hard life, because it turned out to be a two hour blast!
The girls played a version of dodgeball / monkey in the middle.
Everyone played a variety of song games.

The kids led me down a path to the bore hole, aka, water source. Buckets are carried on the head... I can't believe how strong the necks are around here... especially on the ladies.
Everyone hoisted their bucket, or pretended to. :)
Then we hiked back to the house.
More games and songs and dramatic ideas.
The boys even brought their rags to change into... to show the difficult life.
And they played in these extra clothes the whole time. I'm not sure if they actually wear them at home, or if they are just rags they brought, but it sure was an added comedy. (Although, I must admit I have seen some very sad outfits during my time here.)
The boys played with balls made out of plastic bags or old stuffed socks.

And an old-fashioned game of marbles.

What little kid doesn't try on shoes that are too big for him?

And to finish off the afternoon, we all went out for a bottle of soda.

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  1. Looks like it was fun not hard work. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures - sometimes the hard life holds many blessings.