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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sabdio's House

Drinking chai and eating local donuts in Sabdio's hut

This is how dark the inside of her home is. Only the front door offers light.

Sabdio and her youngest daughter.

Meat is hanging for a day.

Adho is frying the treats.

Yesturday afternoon I was escorted by Barbara to the home of Sabdio - we spent an afternoon frying local donuts and drinking chai. Sabdio speaks a lot of English, so we had an easy time chatting. I sat in her little hut, it sheer darkness and let the light from the door guide my eyes, but when I asked if I could take pictures, I saw a whole lot more because the flash went off. Meat hung on a string. Sabdio later cut the meat with a knife that she held between her toes. Sabdio spoke a lot about women's rights and openly says that she breaks a lot of the Gabra rules and traditions. :)

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