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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Karibu (welcome) from Kalacha

Hello... I have finally arrived in the world of blogging and I am super excited. I am currently relaxing in Kalacha, Kenya, a remote desert oasis village and I am absolutely loving it. After a three day drive north of Nairobi, I unpacked my bags and decided to visit friends who are serving as "Station Managers" here. Rachel and Eddie Andersen are college friends of mine and I am glad to be able to fellowship with them before heading to Uganda in March. Eddie runs a garage amongst the Gabra people, just beside the Chalbi desert and the garage services people that travel from Ethiopia to Nairobi and beyond.

I have been in Kenya for two weeks now and have seen so much - zebras, gazelles, baboons, herds and herds of camels and goats. I have seen animals butchered and chai tea being served. The roads are brutal out here but the weather suits me just fine. Hot and humid - my favourite!

I hope to update some pictures and send you stories so that you can walk with me on my African safari! Karibu (Welcome) !

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