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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

God's children

Children are a blessing from the Lord and they offer so much to life. I often think of my precious niece, (Kylee) and nephews (Jaxsen, Jacob & Caleb) and ponder how quickly they are growing and learning.

Then every day, here in Kalacha, I am surrounded by the Andersen’s five children - Uriah, Ja-el, Acacia, Miriam, and Silas. They have busy lives of home schooling, looking after goats and sheep, playing with the neighbours, and helping with household tasks.

I wish the children of Kalacha were not so afraid of a Muzungu (white person)… they yell out “YoYa” - hello - from a distance, but when I come near they run away. A few kids were brave enough to come to my door the other day and it took me ten minutes to introduce my teddy bear to them. They were even more afraid of a stuffed animal than me. J I slowly touched the bear on the head and then walked away. I picked it up and hugged it, then walked away. I danced with it, then put it down. Each time the children watched with curious eyes. Eventually one had enough courage to touch it on the head and run. Others followed suit until they realized it was a toy to be played with. Bones, my teddy bear, has made a huge hit in Kalacha.

The Kalacha kids need your love and prayers though. They have lonely lives as half of their family often spend time out in the desert - as nomads, looking after their herds. Fresh fruit and vegetables are a scarcity unless a relative can get down country to purchase more, but then the heat and rough travel often bring the produce back in a withered and beaten manner. Thorns poke through their thin flip flops or bare feet and create cruel sores. Children haul water. Throw stones at each other for something fun to do (a game which parents hate)…. And just last night I heard a very sad story of a three year old girl who was molested by her older brother. The village is in an uproar because something like that has never occurred here before. The town chief is debating jail or death. The youth group is really shaken up and are praying for everyone - for peace, justice, forgiveness, and wisdom. Join with us… that God’s truth and light may REIGN!


  1. Hey Karen. I didn't realize you had a blog, very nice way to keep us updated. What did the village chief decide to do with the boy that molested his sister?

  2. I don't know the answer to that question... things take a long time to figure out!