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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I found the Baboons

Here are some of the Baboons that I finally saw on an early morning walk. I stayed a distance from them and they stayed a distance from me. :)
Ah - the freedom of braids! It took almost as long to take them out as to put them in.

Bones went swimming in the round cement pond... he's been hugged by many children and thought that a bath would feel great.

I am leaving Kalacha tomorrow morning, if everything goes according to plan. (Of which it never does because we were supposed to leave this morning, but we got held up yesturday.) I hope to spend the next couple of nights camping in game parks and spotting more of God's fun animals. By Sunday I should be joining up with my Ugandan team-mates. Pray that the Land Rover doesn't break down and that I will enjoy close quarters with a family of seven. :)

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