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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Training in Abim

An exciting time for every missionary... to go on a mission trip with other Ugandans!!
On Monday I traveled to Abim, in northern Uganda, for a two day training of Sunday school teachers.  We had a blast traveling, fellowshipping, training and teaching together.  Here is a glimpse at our little getaway.
 Bones found some beautiful flowers on our trip up north.
 I get excited when I see the hills of Abim.
 Team-building games
 Creativity, leadership, laughter, and problem-solving
 We did tag-team teaching.  I would teach, then pass the floor over to Peter, or Ann, or Joseph for a game, song, another lesson, etc.  So fun!!
 Different ways to memorize Scripture verses
 At the end of Day 1 we went to the Thur Community Museum... learning about the culture in the area.  A very hands-on experience.
 Peter and Joseph... drumming the dance
 Cultural costumes
 The Big Story... the Bible revolves around the story of Jesus
 Story-telling and acting - modelling different methods of teaching
 Puzzle making
Group photo... everyone enjoyed another 17 and 75 Stories, Max7, and CYCAS Training

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