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Monday, April 27, 2015

Kenya Conference - Women in Sports Leadership

April 22-26 I was on a journey to Kenya.  For the first time I crossed the border for free, since my work permit now allows me to cross into any East African countries.  Yeah!!
A wonderful group of ladies gathered in Bungoma, at the Mashariki Afrika Sports Leadership School - where we had three days of sharing, networking, praying, singing, playing soccer, fellowshipping, and learning together.
 Bones came along for the journey, and he helped us to decide what topics we should cover for the discussions.
 He won the most votes!!
 Paul led us in many of the great talks, but he also bowed out a lot because it was a "Women's Conference".  :) It's great to see the leaders working as a team!
 Njoki was an energetic and inspiring facilitator. 
 God's presence was in this place!
 One night we had a cultural evening, to learn about our different tribes and tongues.  Part of the evening was about cooking foods from home.
 What would you have cooked if you were Canadian and had no oven?... I thought of an apple pie, but I couldn't pull it off.  :)
 So I made sweet and sour pork - one of my favourites. 
 Dancing with the ladies.
We had great discussions - about the challenges we face, how to share the Gospel through sports, health topics, and how to implement changes in our community.
I thank God for this time away, and that I was able to be there with Tereza and Dorothy - to other great ladies from Soroti.  God has given us a renewed passion for our work with children.

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