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Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Wake Up Call

The other day I received a super long letter from my good friend Michelle, and inside the letter she sent a poem that her teenage daughter recently wrote.  With permission from this awesome author, I'm sharing her missional poem.

A Wake Up Call
By Kaitlyn Stein
You walk past him with blinded eyes.
Although in plain sight you'd think he had the magic power of being invisible,
no one even bats an eye.
You'd think with tattered, torn jeans, and blood stained hands that he'd get some notice
yet every single person just walked by.
It's like you're all young again unable to read the sign,
that clearly asks for just a moment of your time.
All is wants is a belly not grumbling and unfrozen toes,
yet you all just turn up your nose.
Act like it's his fault no one has the compassion to care.
Treat him like a piece of trash on the sidewalk;
just some dummy who deserves it.
Even though one little screw up in your life could get you in the exact same pit;
scrounging around to even just find a pen to write your own sign.
Ha!  Maybe then you wouldn't think the way you used to act was so fine.
Compared to him, you have it all.
Breezing past him in your suit and tie,
not even caring, that in this cold, he could very well die.
To you a burger and fries is nothing.
To him it means surviving through the night.
Come on people get off your high horses and be a light.
Show him he matters.
I'm not saying you need to flatter - just show you care.
We weren't just put on this earth to take care of ourselves.
Get out there and help someone else.
We were called to be disciples.
We were called to show God's love
The way your acting just ain't good enough.
Change your ways today,
because we are all called to obey.
Who knows, someday it could be you on the other side,
then you'll sure be hoping someone will be kind.
But that isn't gonna start with you full of "No's".
Kindness is contagious so get to work and expose.

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