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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Time for a Top Up

Greetings fellow readers, it has been a while and now it's time for a "Top Up" in my world. 
 Top Up is the local version of ketchup and I can honestly tell you that I have no idea what it is made up.... but I like it.  :)
 Here are my Ugandan parents... Bishop George and Mama Cathy, as we traveled to the village of Pingere last week to share with some primary and nursery students at Forestview School.
 A typical classroom for this village education centre.
 I didn't see any pencils or notebooks, so I'm not sure how the kids worked out their math problems.
 I was able to share with all at the assembly. 
 Christ is the Rock - the firm foundation upon which we shall build our lives.
Did you know that the word "Rock" is in the Bible 117 times, and the word "stone" is 186 times?  I found that quite inspiring during my devotional time last week, and the Lord has turned that into a great lesson topic for Children's Ministry opportunities.  This week alone I have gone to three different nursery and primary schools, to encourage the kids and tell them Bible stories. While holding up a rock, I ask the kids "What do we use rocks for?"  Most of the answers I receive are for building houses, or for holding pots over the fire, but I make them think a little deeper - "What about as a weapon?  What about a firm foundation?  An altar?  A place to get water from?  or a Pillow!!?" The kids laugh as I rest my head on the dirty rock.  But soon stories of David fighting Goliath with 5 smooth small stones, or Moses getting water from a rock in the desert, or Jesus being tempted to turn the stone into bread, or Jacob sleeping on a rock and dreaming that God is in the place.  I always finish by telling about the most amazing Rock - Christ.  The Rock upon which we stand.  And He is able to be our Rock today because the stone was rolled away from the grave and He came to life again... defeating sin and death.  God is good!
 Two days later we went to another nursery and primary school.  Bright stars school is in Soroti and there I was able to introduce a new short termer to the school system.  Beth stayed with me for 10 days before transferring to another teammate's house.
 I started off the week at Precious Children Nursery school.  They were the cutest kids ever!!
 160 kids under a mango tree - to hear Bible stories about rocks.
 Cultural dancing
 My little bud Trevor!
Lunch time at the school.  For African Child Day celebrations they ate rice pilau and had a juice.

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