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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Birthday Story

The other day the ladies held a luncheon for my birthday.  I was blessed with many gifts, hugs, and words of appreciation.  One of the husbands sent along a letter for my birthday, and I have his permission to share it with you. 
"The story that you are about to read is very remarkable.  It's a story of a remarkable woman of God who left her cold country for the sunny one because of her great love for their people.
This woman arrived in the sunny country many years ago.  She met various people one at a time and they were all fascinated by the excitement this lady brought.  They buzzed about her in the street corridors, in the market places, in the churches, everywhere.  She brought a new kind of life, a new laughter, vigor, energy, and excitement.
The lady went about doing good, sharing her passion for God and helping people to be reconciled with their creator.  She went to different churches, different districts, different groups and to different homes and families.  In all these places, she left peace, joy, love, and laughter.
I heard all about this lady and I was enthralled by everything about her. As fate would later play its part, I met this lady from the cold country that everybody had been talking about!  She was the most joyous person I had ever met, she walked with such grace that only God could give.  The good thing about it was that I met her through another close friend and hence, we became friends.
One day, there was going to be a great wedding between her friend and a fellow from the sunny country.  This lady from the cold country participated whole-heartedly in organizing the wedding and making sure everything was in place.
On the wedding eve, she stood on the stool of the sorts and boldly addressed those who had arrived for the wedding rehearsal dinner.  Everybody kept quiet and listened to this lady; who spoke with such grace and boldness!  Whispers went around of people asking who she was; only to be told she was the "Honourable M.P." representing another lady from the cold country in the wedding.
The Lady sung with grace during the wedding, she spoke with a heavenly smile, and later on served people as though she was serving the Lord.  Rain poured on her, but even this could not deter her from serving the people.
In short, this lady from the cold country is well described by many as a woman of substance.  To me, she is an unending stream of joy, her laughter is extraordinary, she brings comfort to the sorrowful, she's a friend to everyone, she is a gift from God to humanity, there is not a single word that can describe her well.  I just found out that she is called Karebear Lubbers and today is her birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Honourable!  We celebrate you!!"
Thanks friend - speechless really. 

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