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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Parties 2012

Christmas season is always filled with lots of wonderful gatherings.  All of us missionary ladies got together for a super fun annual "Tea Party".  We all came with Christmas baking to eat and exchange.  It has actually become too sweet for me. 
 Vanessa, my sweet neighbour, helped me to bake Mom's famous Almond Ring for the  party.
 After trying a few samples, we made a craft out of African cloth...
 I made two hair pieces. Not my best piece of work, but fun!  Then we had a small gift exchange and more sweets before heading home for the day.  I lovely afternoon.
 Last Friday I was invited to attend two parties.  The first one was a celebration at Rockview Baptist.... where I helped to lead an exciting summer camp.  The kids were so delighted to have Auntie Karen back in the church.  I shared stories of Christmas in Canada and Holland and danced with the many sweet children.
 From the church I raced over to a local restaurant where I was a guest at a year end party for the Freedom Boys.  There are 32 street boys that my team is working alongside of, and so they were having a meal together and receiving new shoes and clothes.  Jimmy, one of the CAAF (Children Affected by Armed Forces) youth is now volunteering his time with the Freedom Boys in town.
 The kids on our team introduced themselves to the youth of the streets. Together we shared a delicious meal of chicken, rice, mashed plantain and more.
 And then a few relay races were played.  Such fun!
The boys all painted a star to have as an ornament for the Christmas tree.  Some were very artistic and of course, some rushed to paint the star with one colour.  :)
The crowd moved inside to watch a nativity story and snack on ice-cream.
We finished the day with a dance party outside.

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