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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

I was absolutely delighted to host Christmas dinner in my home for 14 guests.  I wanted to make the menu very special.
Meet L'Orange
My tree was loaded with gifts for all the guests.
L'orange became Duck A L'Orange... so nice
I carved him before the guests arrived so he would be easy picking
 amongst the 2 hens, pork, irish, rice, greens, and more.
Guests began arriving at 2 pm... my neighbour even wore an ephod
A sit down dinner... rare to eat at a table all together.
I asked one of my guests what he wanted to eat on Christmas Day and he said he wanted to eat something new.  I told him we were going to have duck... he was glad because that was new.  Then I mentioned Jello... he didn't know what that was.  How do you describe Jello if you have never even seen something with gelatine in it?  I mentioned that it was like juice you could eat with a fork.  Some were glad to try and some feared because that is just wrong.  :)
Musical entertainment... the keyboard or Ipod was playing for a long time
Gift giving time!
Opio followed my lead in entertaining the crowds...
Rose receives a photo of her precious children
Jordan helped me to clean the rice
My boys received their new shirts... a plan that took 2 months to unfold.

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