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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Waking Up

6:33 am: I struggled to open my eyes and was greatly confused.  While Mr. Sandman was wrestling with me, trying to keep my lids sealed, I briefly thought I was waking up in my childhood home.  A tiny 9x9 pink bedroom, with a staircase just outside my door and a narrow hallway.  I was baffled upon waking up that I was actually in Uganda and then I was excited.  Yes!! See how far God has brought me.
Then I remembered that I should have been waking up in the village in Kaberimaido district.  The churches in Bululu have been so delighted with the Evangelism Explosion training, that they want their neighbouring churches to hear it.  It was arranged weeks ago that I would spend two days out there this week, training a few more churches.  But on Wednesday afternoon, the phone rang with an announcement that there was a burial in the village and the church members were going to have to postpone the training since it was an important person and connected to the church.  I completely understood... a burial is a village affair and it takes at least a few days with all the relatives and neighbours coming around.
So, I'm in Soroti instead.  Yesterday I was able to attend a planning meeting for an upcoming Youth Camp.  It was quite exciting that there was a room full of denominations - Catholics, Pentecostals, Anglicans, Evangelicals, and a few Reformed :)... and we all shared a vision of reaching out to today's youth.  The meeting was supposed to start at 4 and delightfully it started at 5:30pm.  We debated through theme, topics, speakers, venue, mobilization, publicity, and more and haven't really laid down anything in stone so we have to meet again on Monday.  Hopefully we will have a chosen venue so we can start going to the radio stations and schools to start bringing in the youth.  The meeting ended just moments before darkness settled in the sky and rain poured from the heavens.

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