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Monday, November 19, 2012

Where did my Sabbath go?

It's hard to find a day of rest here... so I often take moments or half days of rest.  Yesterday is another clear example.  I woke up early due to a dripping nose.  It's always a strange feeling for me to have a cold in Uganda... it's the tropics.  Colds are for cold weather.  Maybe that's why Ugandans call it the flu... for the longest time I was so confused about how sick people really were.  :)

Close to 9 am I walked over to my neighbours because 7 year old Victor wanted to come to church with me.  What a privilege for this Auntie!!  We had such a great conversation as we footed or walked to and from church.  Worship was good and the sermon was interesting.  Since we follow the Lion of Judah we are all lions... so the sermons was about lions.  Lions all roar - so praise God.  Lions never eat each other - so build up Christians from all denominations.  Lions don't chase rats - so let the little things in life pass you by.  Lions never look behind them - so don't backslide in your faith.  Lions mark their territory - so don't switch ministries... if you are a singer, don't become a deacon... and if you are an usher, don't become a preacher.  So interesting?

Walking home from church I received a text from a good friend that he was at the clinic.  By the time I got home and called, my friend was asking for pain killers and some juice.  I loaded up my supplies and spent a few hours with a patient.  While there I had the chance to also sit an chat with a former child soldier.  He was expressing some difficulties.  He is still young and wants to do what is right... so he is studying hard at school.  He doesn't want to go home to the village for Christmas because he says it is boring there, and that just creates trouble.  He says if he takes a walk to the centre (a small trading post) people run to his father and create rumors that he is out visiting girls and his father doesn't know who to believe.  He wants to find a job in town until the new year and then he will return to the village in the new year to help during planting season.  At least, then, he is busy and won't get into trouble.  He will just work and sleep.  Life is not easy in the village.

At 4:30 pm I raced to a meeting for the upcoming youth camp in December.  It was my third meeting in 9 days and I have at least one more in the next week.  I think we have nailed down a venue, posters are being published, a small budget is set and speakers are being organized, and finally, mobilization is in full throttle.  At 7 pm I carried 5 pastors back to town.  They were grateful for a ride home in the dark.

I spent the next two hours with my neighbours.  Playing with the twins and talking about life.  I can't say it enough... the people in my compound truly include me as one of their own and I love it.

A good day, but I was glad to sleep in til... 7 am today!  :)

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