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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Land Between

Unlocking the heavy metal doors to my brother’s landscaping crate, I work in the heat to sort through 35 years of personal belongings. With Mom and Dad away for a few weeks, I decided to take home all of the boxes and go through each item. While unwrapping the kitchen gadgets, wall hangings, books, gifts, picture frames and so much more, I quickly made the decision to sell almost everything at a garage sale.

Saturday morning arrived with a few close friends and a very helpful neighbour setting up the yard sale. The first five hours were sheer chaos as many of the memorabilia drifted off into the cars of strangers. A part of me wishes these random people will delight in the “stuff” as much as I did, but I know they will never have the honour of knowing the full stories:

• the doll crib Dad made for me when I was a little girl
• the pig head drum I received in the Philippines
• Delft shoes and bells from the Netherlands
• Purses from Thailand...

And well, I guess that’s just a part of giving up everything to follow God’s calling on my life. At the end of the day I have to remind myself that they are just things... and I’m grateful I still have photo albums and journals to cherish the memories. I have chosen to keep some clothes and books that will hopefully be a good resource in Uganda.

My mind is already focused on what to pack. I hope to leave in October for at least two years and I’m excited for this next journey to begin. At the moment I’m at 53% (I can’t leave until I have 100% raised or pledged) of the on-going funding needed to make it as a career missionary in East Africa, and so that is one of my major focuses throughout the next few months.

I am extremely grateful for family who support me with their blessings, for friends who walk beside me on this adventure, for the financial givers, and for prayer warriors who take this move to the Lord in prayer. I am grateful that you are in my life... Relationships are where it’s at!

Living in the land between,

Karen Lubbers

As Jeff Manion, author of “The Land Between – Finding God in Difficult Transitions” paraphrased: He is saying, “Don’t worry. Don’t give in to anxiety. Don’t let it take all your energy. Don’t let it control you. Trust God. He sees. He knows.”

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